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Reliable Hosting
at Unbeatable Prices

Incredible performance at unbeatable prices, handling even the most resource-intensive projects with ease with no worry of breaking the bank. Get started now and create your first cloud instance with us in under a minute.

  • High performance servers without the high costs
  • Blazing fast 10Gbit/s or higher network speeds
  • Advanced eXDP™ DDoS Mitigation Platform

Cloud VPS
KVM Virtual Servers

Ensure maximum performance, security, and scalability for your all of your projects by hosting them in the Clubnode Cloud.

From $3.00/month

Game Hosting
DDoS-Proof Gaming

Experience seamless multiplayer gaming with our hosting, delivering a top-notch experience to players worldwide.

From $3.00/month

Application Hosting
Discord Bots & more

Discord bots need care too. Ensure your Discord bots run as fast as possible with Discord bot hosting from Clubnode.

From $1.50/month

Diverse product lineup

Host anything,
blogs, apps & more.

At Clubnode you can host anything from simple blogs to intensive applications with ease. Our powerful hardware and advanced infrastructure ensure that your website or application runs smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you're a blogger, a small business owner, or a developer, we have the resources and expertise to meet your hosting needs. You can count on us to provide reliable and high-performance hosting services that help you achieve your online goals.

Introducing the Cloud

Powerful Tools &
Custom Panel.

From deploying a new operating system, to performing maintenance on multiple servers at once, Clubnode Cloud comes with an intelligent and easy to understand control panel.

View real-time VNC feeds, utilize our API to automate your actions and much more, all at the touch of a button.


Fast & Efficient API

Our reseller API is easy and free to use! Built with a high-performance, responsive backbone to ensure all requests are handled without delay. Simply head to your client area to generate a key for your Clubnode account.


Infrastructure as code

Check out our collection of official and trusted SDKs on our github, and get started scaling within minutes. Instantly roll out services and easily customize your platform with just a few lines of code.

Visit our Github

Monitor Like a Pro

Thanks to our real-time server monitoring, you can monitor your uptime and resource usage as it's happening, ensuring you're ready to scale up as soon as needed.

Test it out

VNC, a virtual screen

Even though it's a virtual cloud server, our VNC feature lets you manage and view your VPS server just like your computer at home with as little latency as possible.

Try our Demo

Global anycasted network

A backbone built
for Low-Latency.

Our four locations are strategically picked for intercommunication across all continents regardless of distance, allowing for low-latency connectivity across our product catalogue.

Whether you're playing games with a friend, hosting a personal website or managing critical databases, Clubnode has got you covered.






Industry leading expertise

Your applications
are Safe with Us.

No matter what requirements you have, Clubnode can guarantee to have fast hosting for you. From game hosting to dedicated servers, all our services come with high performance and support.


Endlessly Versatile

Clubnode Cloud is the ultimate hosting solution for your online content. From simple blogs to complex applications, our powerful cloud products provide flexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge security. Join us today and take your online presence to the next level.

VPS Servers

Flawless Networking

Notorious for speed, security and satisfaction, our Anti-DDoS conveniently sits in front of your existing infrastructure, proactively monitoring traffic, and ensuring high performance around the clock.

Networking Info

Last-Gen Equipment

At Clubnode we select, maintain and operate our own hardware and do not resell any 3rd-party provider, using industry leading enterprise datacenters with premium bandwidth and equipment.

More Information

Panels you Understand

No matter your hosting and cloud experience, we guarantee that our easy control panel can be used by anyone — no matter their skill level. A friendly customer deserves a reliable solution.

More Information

Game Customer

Clubnode is one of the best hosting services by far. My server has never once gone down other than announced maintenances. Clubnode's support team is very active. They answer most questions within an hour or less. Overall this was the best service for the great rates.

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Cloud Customer

Any questions, any requests, literally any kind of help I could’ve ever wanted or needed i was always met with an overwhelmingly helpful and informative answer without long waits, all the hosts I've used never had this kind of support. As for the server itself its as good as advertised, and runs exactly as expected, moved hosts to here recently and i doubt we will ever need a new host given the experience we’re having here.

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Dedicated Client

ClubNode delivers an amazing service and is really quick when doing stuff, which includes setups, installations, and much more. My dedicated server was installed in less than 30 minutes. When I had everything setup, the great support team helped me look through everything to ensure the security was top-notch, which made me learn lots of new things! They have an amazing team that is willing to help with all of your needs. So I definitely would recommend them to anyone that needs a good host, even if you're new to owning servers or if you're looking to switch. No matter what, they will ensure to set you up with the best plan for your needs!

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Dedicated Client
Pincer Prithu

The Managing Director, Timon, is genuinely one of the best guys I've worked with. I had bought a 24 GB VPS. He offered to install Pterodactyl for me, even on just a $24 order. As I expanded, I needed a dedicated server and he gave me a great price for a Ryzen 9 7950X (128GB RAM). The DDoS protection has not failed me. There was a network outage once, and it was quickly resolved. I can confidently say that Clubnode is the BEST VPS and Dedicated server provider I've worked with. I understand cheaper companies like Hetzner exist, but the outstanding support from clubnode paired with their excellent pricing and reliability makes them perfect for me. I would blindly recommend their dedicated/virtual servers to anyone.

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Game Customer
Alfred Court

I migrated to Clubnodes services after being unhappy with my current host which was the second best decision i've made (ordering chinese takeaway being my best decision). The staff team have taken care of my special requests without any questions, any issues will be explained before I even get the chance to notify staff about issues. Not to mention the hardware is great, my Minecraft server has never run as smoooooth before than on my current 7950X3D with Clubnode.

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Top-Rated Reviews

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Our agents work around the clock to help you with any problem you come across. We cater to a global audience and it's our mission to provide reliable support to enhance the operations of our clients.


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Our agents work around the clock to help you with any problem you come across. We cater to a global audience and it's our mission to provide reliable support to enhance the operations of our clients.